Welcome to the Condom City is a game application for tablets and mobile phones that raises awareness about sexually transmitted diseases (STD) to young audiences, especially undergrad students. In this game, we try to visualize intricate STD data in a gamified way, which draws you into the game by declaring you as the condom city protector, your main goal is to cure the infected and prevent the spread. In progress, the game will throw out some teasers that will try to gain your attention. We design 50 different "condom buildings" for 50 US states, the height of each building is decided by the STD rate of each state. By continuing play different levels of the game, you can unlock more condom buildings and build your own condom city. As the reward, you can also get real special condoms.

Many researches have shown that young adults, especially UNDERGRAD STUDENTS are the most severely affected group. They are full of ambitions and energy, they are trying to get out of parents' supervision, they unlock the full access to online dating and begin to seek for "diverse experience", their curiosity about sex, the lack of health knowledge... all these factors make them an at-risk group.

Energetic and Liberal

Online Dating

Lack of Health Knowledge

How to create awareness of STD to the youth, especially undergrad students?

Not in the educational way that waste time for the instructor and students,
nor the fear tactic that only gives one stop thinking.
We want to create a content that will easily attract students in a gamified way,
and later trap them with data visualization that creates lasting value and curiosity.




Sketches of Gamification

Among all the sketches, we decided to choose "condom buildling" and "simple tapping game" as our initial idea.


main screens缩main screens缩


When unlock every condom building, you will also received a QR code that could be used to redeem a REAL CONDOM in the nearest CVS.

Original Data Set


We worked with a dataset named “STDs Nationally Ranked by states”, provided by Illinois Department of Public Health. It contained data and ranking of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis by population and rates for every states from 2000 to 2014.

Additional to our main set of data, we also collected data sets like gender, age and ethnicity that related to STDs. For example, 2014 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Surveillance and Sexually Transmitted Disease Morbidity provided by CDC.

Design Process


Selected Pages from Process Book

Work presented by Jay Hong, Shan Shen, Nan Wang and me in 6 weeks | Dec 2015
Role: User Research, Ideation, UI Design, Mockup 
Screens prototyped with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects 
Project completed in the course “Interaction Design 6 -Sr Proj” under the instruction of Santiago V. Lombeyda and Sarah R. Churng
>>UI/UX | Data Visualization | Game Design