Snapcat is a smart collar for your cat. It's not only a health monitor, but also a tiny camera which captures the most exciting moments of your cat's life. Snapcat tracks your cat’s health data, and analyze cat's different conditions: active, relaxed, tired, or sick. Whenever cat's health data changes, the camera takes a snapshot automatically from cat's perspective and posts it to the cat's "personal" timeline. You can open the Snapcat app to read and share the story about your own cat's life, follow other cats and build connection with other cat owners, and share health information with your vet.

Cat is a mysterious creature.
Although you and your feline friend live together, it has its own territory and secret life.

As a cat owner...

We are trying to understand our loved ones.
What are they doing?
How are they feeling?
Where are they now?
How to take care of them better?

As a cat lover...

We like to know more about cats.
Cute cat photos.
Internet celerbrity cats.
Cats' secret lives.
Cats' interesting news.


Competitive Analysis

After comparing 10 different smart devices for pets, I find that none of the competitors can make owners really engage with cat's life: both understand cat from its own perspective, and share and participate in cat's life.

Meet Snapcat


It consists of...

A Mobile Application

to view cat's photos, health data, share cat's life

A Collar Device

to take snapshots, record data, show cat's overall condition by simple icons

A Notification System

to let cat "greet" you, and tell you its unusual conditions

Target Persona

- Kate lives with her two cats, Tiger and Bunny.
- As a cat lover, she follows many internet celebrity cats on FB and Instagram.
- Kate likes watching funny cat videos and photos.
- Tiger and Bunny goes out from the small cat door during the day, and comes back to eat and sleep. 
- Sometimes Kate worries about her cats’ health condition and getting lost.
- Kate is also interested in what her cats do everyday.
- Kate likes take photos for her cats and share with friends.
- Sometimes Kate is really busy, then she will ask her roommate to take care of Tiger and Bunny.

App Sitemap


Design Process

design processdesign process

Selected Pages from Process Book

Work presented by me in 14  weeks | Dec 2015
Screens prototyped with Adobe Illustrator, Origami and Pixate
Project completed in the course “Vis Ix Des 3: Adv IxD” under the instruction of Brian L. Boyl