Igloo Cat Litter Box is the first product of Pidan Studio, a startup company specialize in product design for indoor cats. Inspired by the Eskimo snow house, I try to solve some problems in the process of raising cat in an elegant way which offers a much more pleasant living experience for both cats and cat lovers.

Launched in January 2016, Igloo has got a lot of positive feedback. The product is now available in the online store in China. Igloo Cat Litter Box won  "Red Dot" award in June 2016.




Maximum size.

The round shape of Igloo Litter Box makes it large enough for average cats to comfortably turn around and dig. The wide entrance allows cats within 7kg to walk through easily. It is one of the largest product of its kind.



Enclosed space.

Allows cats to do their business in a quiet, safe and private space. Keeps the bad smell off the interior space. Prevents small dogs and children from enjoying the "treats" inside.



Long clean grid.

The long clean grid at the entrance can help cats clean the litter in their paws everytime they walk out, nearly eliminates litter tracking and provides a clean space for cat owners.



Easy to clean.

Just lift the lid, grab the scoop, the arced front edge matches Igloo's contours for thorough scooping. You can also easily attach the scoop at the edge of base after cleaning.



Looks great, works better.

The modern design style complements any room, which can eliminate the awkward moments when your guests see you putting in a toilet in your room. Igloo is much more than an elegant piece of funiture.

Market Research

In the market research,  I collected a large number of  cat litter boxes with different structures, shapes, functions. There're mainly 5 types of litter boxes: basic, covered, clean grid, self-cleaning, and disguised.

User Interviews


Key Findings from Research and Interview

  • Covered litter box is becoming increasingly popular because it prevents spills and control the odour, which maintains a clean interior environment.
  • Cats also concern about privacy. Some like to choose an enclosed and dark place.
  • The clean grid must be long enough to let cats walk through to reduce spills.
  • The entrance and corridor should be wide enough to let fat cats or large cats walk through. The interior space must be large enough for cat's activity.
  • Pay attention to the scoop. It should easily reach every corner of litter box and filter out all the clumps.
  • Use's requirement to aesthetics should also be taken into account. Simple, elegant and cute products are more welcomed.


Design Goals

Design Guide Words

Ideation and Production Process

Early Sketches

3D Modeling

3D Printed Model

Injection Molding: Material and Detail

User Test:Cat owners, cats in varying shapes, different cat litters, etc.

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Finished Product


Design by me in 2 months | Sep 2015
Special thanks to Wenfei Ma, the founder of
Pidan Studio 
3D model made with Rhinoceros 
Product manufactured by 
Zhongheng Pet Articles Joint-Stock Co.
Photos credit to Pidan Studio and customers
This product owns design patent in China and France, and it won "Red Dot" award in June 2016
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