Have you experience the moment that you want to organize a dinner party in an awsome restaurant but have no idea where to go? You finally choose a restaurant but find it very troublesome to check time and address with everyone. Or you want to watch a new movie but don't want to go to cinema along, and you don't know who else is interested in this movie. You are not alone that feel so. GOSO is a social activity and friends app that helps you easily find great local businesses, create new activities and invite friends, join new activities,  share photos of your experiences, and meet new friends that shares your interests. 

user researchuser research

A social activity requires two parts work together:
Find where to go & Choose who to go with

People want to make wise choices easily
But they don't want to hand over the control 
People want to be social
But they don't want forced interactions with strangers


What if there is a system to help users with these two tasks together...

Introducing GOSO

Naomi is thinking of a good place to have a weekend activity. She wants to try something new, so she launches GOSO, and then finds a new juice bar. "Hmm...the photos look very nice, and all the reviews are good, I should go with my friends." 

Naomi decides to organize an activity here. She taps the "create new activity" button in the location detail page, and then types in the activity details. "Let's have a juice party! Anyone wants to join us tomorrow?" she said. She also invites her foodie friends, Joy, Sara and Adam.

Her friend Lucas is looking at the activity list. He finds Naomi's activity and views the detail. "The juice bar looks great, and I don't have any plan on Sunday afternoon." He taps the "join activity" button to tell Naomi he's also interested in this juice party.

After a while, Naomi checks the notification page, and confirms Lucas's application.


Design & Iterations

In summer 2015, I worked with a group of talented people (Zhe Sun, Shiyuan Yang, Yanbin Ren, Yang Pei, Jing Zhao, Hongbo Zhao, Li Zhang, Xiang Zhong, Linan Yao) from UCLA Computer Science Graduate Program to launch the previous version of GOSO: 走吗 (Zouma). It is available in Chinese App Store.

View the official website here:


Competetitve Landscape





We collect 10 apps for organizing activities. 

After positioning them into the matrix, we find opportunity in the top right: a product that help users to organize social activitis even if they don't have a place in mind or don't know who to go with.

Site Map & Wireframes (early version)


Screen Design (early version)

Main Improvements from "Zouma" to "GOSO"

1. Reorganize the whole structure, especially the profile page. Create a new "Notification" option.
2. Move the "new activity" button to the menu bar, encourage users to create activities.
3. Simplify the sign up process.
4. Refine all UI elements.

Wireframes (final version)


User Flow

Scenario 1: Novice User (create a new account, search for activities, join an activity)


Scenario 2: Intermediate User (find a place, create a new activity, invite friends, confirm requests)



What's our product? What can users do with it? How do they feel when/after they use it? With the product concept in mind, I developed our branding values and style guide. I even wrote the keywords on post-it notes and stick them around our workspace as ambient reminders.

Style Guide

style guide2style guide2

Development Team: Zhe Sun, Shiyuan Yang, Yanbin Ren, Yang Pei, Jing Zhao, Hongbo Zhao, Li Zhang, Xiang Zhong, Linan Yao, Zhihan Ying | May 2015 - Sep 2015
Role: whole set of UI design, help develop user flows and wireframes
Screens prototyped with Adobe Illustrator and Pixate