This building is sited in the central courtyard of SUTD, which has thick vegetation. The building is accessible from the courtyard on Level 1 as well as from Level 3 and Level 4 of the surrounding building, and it has additional functions, including a lobby and a seminar room at L3, and a performance space at L4. I studied the positions of different kinds of trees, and decided the shape of buiding by the outline of free space. I also use translucent concrete as the facade to create interesting thee shadows and bring people to outdoor space. All the stairs and circulation surrounding the building can lead people to the vegetation in different height. 

Lead people to the greenery:
Shape: follow the outline of vegetation
Circulation: outside of the buiding
Facade: translucent concrete

Located in Jinyun County, Zhejiang Province, Huanglong is a a AAAA Class Scenic Spot with warm weather, abundant sunshine and rainfall. Beautiful scenery, delicious local food and historical culture attract many tourists every year. As a part of Huanglong resort, this project design the residencial area near Hongwei reservoir, including the single courtyard and whole plan. The exterior of the buildings follows the style of traditional residence, while the interior meets the  the needs of modern housing requirements.

“Living Hub” is a vertical habitat structure for student's container based habitat. The structure itself is the carrier support for the containers to use them as flexible “drawers”. Container size of a standard 40´ISO-Container is 12.192 m × 2.438 m × 2.591 m . I combined 3 containers as a unit and designed the whole structure and study the materials and joints.

This project is about movement in time and space, actualized mechanically. The new entrance structure for the SUTD Campus enables continuous pedestrian and vehicular passage when it is open and that blocks access to the campus when it is closed. It will also become a pavillion when half-opened for people to rest.