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The project proposes a store called App Couture, where you can buy functional and aesthetic garments. We imagined a retail store experience in which shoppers can buy high-tech fashion accessories that respond to already familiar motions and behaviors. For example, scratching your head might call up your daily schedule; a tapping sensation on your shoulder could indicate incoming emails; and bending or straightening your knees can tell your integrated information system whether you’re in “work” or “relax” mode. Instead of wearing only one device, what if numerous wearable devices could talk to each other? How would NUI affect the design of wearable devices? What would be the new possibilities/challenges for designing hologram interfaces? How to customize the design styles and functions according to different use preferences? In this project we try to explore these questions.


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The new language of interaction for future would be even more intuitive and subtle, often likely to the extent that we can just perform completely natural behaviours. Sensors implanted on or inside our bodies are already more than sensitive enough to detect extremely small movements, so gestures like nodding and shaking the head can be easily translated into software commands. The Hollywood vision of Minority Report style interfaces, where bold and sweeping arm movements are required would not be necessary at all. Small flicks of the wrist, or tapping of the finger tips will be more than enough to control even complex interfaces.


When it comes to garments, dress collocation is something important to consider. Then how about mix and match various wearables into one outfit with the consideration of both aesthetic and function? What if one day we could buy accessories that complement each other in terms of both fashion and certain features? In the wearable ecology we are speculating, garments are tangible applications. Just like downloading applications from App Store, we could buy schedule reminder and email reminder accessories from App Couture. 

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Making Process

In this project, I use an Arduino core and a Spark core to realize my concept. Different kinds of sensors are attached to different parts of body, and send images to screen which is controlled by Arduino. The Spark also assists in the sending email function.
All the garments are made with plastic sheets and  cardboards.



Physical Computing  



Costume Design 



Test Sensors






How It Works

Working Prototype

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Hologram Interface Design

Snap Finger / Draw on Sketchbook

Trend Research

In this projects, the wearable device itself is turned into a fashion item with embedded sensors, and the human body becomes the input source.

When human body becomes the interface, human behaviors turns to the control instructions. The embedded sensors can recognize user's implicit needs.

Multiple devices on human body can "talk" to each other and work together for greater functionality and optimization.

Work presented by Zhihan Ying and Giselle Guo in 5 weeks | April 2015
Prototype made with Arduino 
Animation made with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects 
Project completed in the course “Lab Projects 2-Seam and Super Powers” under the instruction of Philip van Allan
This class is the MDP’s participation in the 2015 Microsoft Design Expo
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Link:  Dotted Line Blog - Art Center College of Design